Personalised and flexible one-one Spanish lessons
 (material included):

60 min/lesson: $45

90 min/lesson: $60


Group Spanish lessons*

If you want to learn with a group of friends or if you’d like a teacher to come to your workplace to teach a particular group, we’d be delighted to make arrangements for you.

90 minute lessons

Your first lesson with us will be 90 minutes, as you will need to discuss your learning objectives and goals with your teacher. 

On an ongoing basis, we recommend that 90 minutes should be the minimum contact you have with your Spanish teacher per week.

 In these 90 minutes, you will have the chance to cover all aspects of the language necessary to develop your speaking, writing and comprehension skills. 

 60 minute lessons


One hour lessons are ideal if you take lessons twice a week or more. Since you will meet more regularly with your teacher, you will have more opportunities to practise your Spanish.

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